Top 6 MUST VISIT places in Barcelona!

I have not long returned from my travels to Barcelona, one of my ultimate favourite cities I have visited so far. I visited Barcelona back in 2017 and I had the greatest time exploring and seeing all of the incredible architecture they have to offer, but this time was so much different. This time it was... Continue Reading →


2019 Thus Far… An Awful Accident

On the approach of a New Year, you always hear sayings such as "I hope this year is going to be better than the last one", or "This year is going to be my year", etc, etc. To start my 2019 off, I set myself some very achievable New Year's resolutions and goals that I wanted... Continue Reading →

Everlasting Battle with Anxiety

For the most part of my life since being a very young girl I have battled with anxiety. I think I always knew at the back of my head that something wasn't quite right with the way that I thought of certain situations and interpreted things so differently to others who didn't struggle with anxiety.... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolutions for 2019!

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this! I thought I would begin my new year by writing a list of my top five New Years Resolutions that I am hoping to achieve across the year of 2019. For me, it isn't about changing myself drastically, or setting unrealistic goals, it's more about setting a few... Continue Reading →

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