Travelling to Greece in this time of pandemic

As many of you will be aware flights to a very limited list of places are now going ahead again. Before lockdown I had planned to go away after I graduated, so I decided to still go ahead with it and go away for a week with my partner to the island of Crete, Greece.... Continue Reading →


And with that, I’m officially a Psychology graduate! (Well, I will be when I finally graduate in November, thanks coronavirus!) It has probably been the three most challenging years of my life.. it’s hard to try and concentrate on university with so much going on in your personal life, but here I am, graduating with... Continue Reading →

Everything’s changing…

My life has changed so drastically this year. COVID-19 changed life all round in general for everyone in EVERY aspect. But in the past couple of months I’ve gone from being an undergraduate to a postgraduate, from being in a relationship with my ex to single to in a new relationship and I’ve also got... Continue Reading →


I can’t stop procrastinating. My dissertation which was due a month ago is now due July 3rd due to an approved EEC (with Covid-19 and all that). Yet I still haven’t gotten any further than what I was up to 2-3 weeks ago... I think about working on it, feel guilty for not doing it... Continue Reading →

Taking it day by day

Honestly, I’m taking each day as it comes during this time. Some days I’ll go to sleep around 4-5am with no sense of a schedule and wake up late the next morning/afternoon and feel like doing absolutely nothing. Other days I’ll wake up fairly early and get a ton of things ticked off my to-do-list.... Continue Reading →

Social media during this time

Social media is such a controversial topic, but I want to talk about how it has changed in recent weeks. Recently, I have felt bombarded on EVERY app. Whether it be snapchat, Instagram or tiktok, with constant videos of people performing yoga, stretches, workouts, challenges, etc. Undoubtedly some days it has motivated me to get... Continue Reading →

Lockdown & missed medication

It’s not like I even wanted to leave the house when I was able to anyway... Unless it was absolutely necessary, like going to work/university, nipping to the post office to drop off parcels, going to get petrol or visiting my sisters house to look after the dog whilst she was working. But there’s something... Continue Reading →

2020 is cancelled.

This year was supposed to be a good year. I must have jinxed it when I insisted on the 1st January that this year has GOT to be better than 2019, by force. My mental health hit rock bottom in 2019 and I really hoped for things to get better. If anything they’ve gotten so... Continue Reading →

Double celebrations on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just Valentine’s Day for me, it’s also my birthday (yes I get double presents and double celebrations!) On Friday 14th it was my big 21st, I’m finally legal to drink in America, yay lmao! It’s not like I’ve ever been, but I’m definitely planning on it! Being born on Valentine’s Day has... Continue Reading →

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