Must see Neflix psychological thrillers (top 4)

With the change in my meds and general life changes I’ve had more free time at the moment, so I chose to spend it wisely (obviously) and watch more Netflix series/shows. If you know me you know I have a keen interest in psychology so of course I’m drawn to the psychological thrillers genre. If... Continue Reading →


Since I changed my anti depressants 4 days ago I’ve felt pretty crappy. I’ve been dry heaving in the mornings and I’m unable to eat much without feeling full straight away, or without gagging at the thought of food. I’m also struggling to go out because my anxiety is through the roof. I’ve been carrying... Continue Reading →

Anxiety at an all time high

Over the last couple of years I think I’ve worked really well with handling my anxiety. When I first got diagnosed I felt a sense of relief. Knowing that what I’m feeling isn’t generally considered “normal” and that I could be prescribed medication and counselling to help me handle it all. I often fell victim... Continue Reading →

Up and down like a dog at a fair

I know it’s never a good idea to self-diagnose and go straight to google googling your symptoms and partaking in online tests. But, I’ve been feeling for a while now that something is not quite right with me.. I will feel so sad and depressed to the point where I sit thinking suicidal thoughts to... Continue Reading →

New car day!

If you’ve been on here a while you’ll know what a bad running I’ve had with cars so far. My first Audi A1 was written off within two weeks of me having it after another driver crossed straight into my path, going through a red light. My second Audi A1 also got crashed into by... Continue Reading →

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