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Positive isn’t always possible…

I’m finding it so hard to stay positive recently. Even though nothing but good things are happening. I’ve applied for new jobs to which I’ve got about 5 interviews. Had one last week and got the job within the same day, although it’s a January start due to some sort of complication which is annoying.... Continue Reading →

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It’s been a while…

Life has been full of ups and downs… the usual. I’m working two new jobs, I’ve took a year off university and will hopefully be finishing my masters come September, my relationship status is… extremely complicated? I turned 24! And that’s about it really. In terms of my mental health, it started to decline around... Continue Reading →

Grief in the festive period

Once you lose someone you love Christmas is never really the same is it… this year was my third Christmas without my Nan. Every year we had Christmas at her house and she would be stressing in the kitchen and then when we would finally sit down for dinner she would sit in the living... Continue Reading →

Life lately…

So I’ve upped my anti depressants from 20mg of citalopram to 30mg because I found myself really struggling lately. Nothing much changed in my life really, I just tend to have the same ongoing issues… I don’t know what it is, or if anyone who reads my blog can relate but I find that whenever... Continue Reading →

Autumn is in the air

I love this time of the year, although, I tend to notice a pattern that at this time of the year a lot of people seem a little more sad and relationships and friendships seem to break down. I haven’t done any research as to why this may be, it’s just pure speculation based off... Continue Reading →

Are you ever just tired?

Are you ever just so tired but not physically, mentally. And people will say “how are you tired you haven’t done anything all day?” No I woke up at 3pm and forced myself back to sleep when I’d wake up because I’m literally exhausted and have 0 energy to face the world today!!! I slept... Continue Reading →

Getting my sh*t together

Do you ever see people doing really well for themselves and you sit and over think and compare yourself to them? Well I did that not last night but the night before, and as toxic as it sounds I really think it helps to motivate me. In a probably somewhat unhealthy way. I woke up... Continue Reading →


I’m feeling really content with life at the moment. Everything seems to be all ok and settled. I’m doing really well at the gym I’m almost 3 stone down and feeling so much healthier. Me and luke had a bit of a tiff but we’re okay now. I ordered a proper picnic basket off Amazon... Continue Reading →

I’m ok.

So I decided to write down a list (you know me, I love my lists lol) of everything that had been stressing me out recently and narrowing them down one by one and focusing on what’s making me unhappy and how to fix it. I had a “documented conversation” at work and I have a... Continue Reading →

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